Tapezismus archiv:
Exhibit "Spectrum" by Tim Deussen:
Bruno und Friedrich Mains Station,  Berlin

SPECTRUM: The spectrum of photos that is shown in this exhibit ranges from documentary images capturing the paradoxes of our existence, to “photo abstractions” that reveal the underlying compositional elements of the visual language of photography. In contrast to the documentary image that can be related to a certain time, space, or event, the abstract photo has very little reference to where it was taken. In contrast to the documentary image that reveals something about the conditions we live in, the abstract photo uncovers the mechanism that create the illusion of the photography. Seeing is believing. German

exhibit from 11.05. - 24.05.07
Opening times We-Sa 14-19
Prima Center Berlin
Biesentaler str. 24
13359 Berlin

U-Bahn Pankstr. (U8)
S-Bahn Bornhomerstr.

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